Phil Schiller’s favorite iPhone apps

Sun, Dec 6, 2009


In a recent interview with the New York Times, Apple’s Senior VP of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller talked about some of his favorite apps for the iPhone, and the results really aren’t too surprising.

First, Schiller said that he’s a fan of the music recognition app Shazam.  Shazam essentially allows you to hold up your iPhone to any source of music and the app will then tell you what song is playing and who sings it.  It really works like magic and is a must-have for any iPhone and iPod Touch owner.  Schiller noted of the app, “There’s just something so amazing about being anywhere, and some music starts playing and you just hold up your phone and can find out what it is. You never again have to say ‘That’s a great song! Who is it by?”

Schiller also said he enjoys using the CNN news app and the well-designed Facebook app.  Ironically, news of Schiller’s adulation for the Facebook app comes weeks after the apps developer, Joe Hewitt, decided to abandon iPhone development alltogether due to what he felt were Apple’s inconsistent app store policies.

Moving along, Schiller is a huge sports fan with a particular affinity for the Boston Redsox, and on that tip, Schiller said he uses the following sports apps on his iPhone at Bat, NBA Game Time and ESPN ScoreCenter.

Schiller also manages to get a little bit of gaming in, and said he puts in some time playing Eliminate, a futuristic first person shooter, and geoDefense, “a retro-inspired, neon puzzle game.”

And lastly, Schiller noted that he enjoys using Best Camera, a photography app that lets iPhone owners apply 14 cool filters and effects to their photos.

So now the question becomes, exactly what apps does the big boss man himself, Steve Jobs, enjoy using?


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