New “Mark the Spot” app from AT&T lets users pinpoint where coverage is lacking

Mon, Dec 7, 2009


Earlier today, AT&T released “Mark the Spot“, a free iPhone app that lets users tell AT&T where and when they experience dropped calls, shoddy coverage, data failures, and any other kind of call and network quality issues.  Though as pointed out by 9to5mac, if you’re not getting reception, how can you let AT&T know?  Ah, details.

In any event, the “Mark the Spot” app seems like a positive step for AT&T, and hopefully they can use their crowd-sourced data to pinpoint and fix glaring holes in their coverage and get a clearer picture of how their service is holding up in various parts of the country.  Or, if you’re of the anti-AT&T ilk, you can certainly make a case that AT&T having to release this sort of app in the first place underscores their inability to handle iPhone traffic at all.



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