New app lets older iPhone models shoot video

Wed, Dec 16, 2009


Apple recently approved an app which allows original iPhone and iPhone 3G owners to capture video with their devices.  Up until recently, the iPhone 3GS was the only model cable of recording video, that is of course, unless you decided to go the jailbreak route.

The Apple Blog writes:

The app will cost you 99 cents, which is kind of aggravating, since this is basically a straightforward admission on Apple’s part that the only limitation heretofore that had prevented the older devices from shooting video was a software limitation, which it could’ve easily resolved itself. iVideoCamera (iTunes link), the app in question, is a third-party program, but at least Apple didn’t kill it from the start, I suppose, and it is still cheaper than upgrading to a 3GS.

But before you start jumping up and down for joy, bear in mind that the app only shoots video footage at 3 frames per second, which is universes away from the 30 frames per second possible on the iPhone 3GS.  And  yes, you read that correctly. A paltry three frames per second!  Some other limitations include subpar resolution at 160×213, and the inability to record videos longer than 1 minute in length.  The developers of iVideoCamera, however, are up front about these limitations in the app description, so no need to worry about people getting duped.

We’ve yet to see any video footage shot with the app, but for only $0.99, it seems like a decent deal for those times when a simple point and shoot camera just won’t suffice.


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