VLC development for the Mac is in dire straits

Thu, Dec 17, 2009


The VLC media player can handle almost any kind of video format you throw at it, and is a must have app for anyone running OS X.  I mean, how else are you gonna watch all those torrented. avi files?

But as a piece of open source software, the VLC media player relies upon the good-natured efforts of developers to keep it afloat, and sadly, it seems that no one is currently steering the ship.  This naturally becomes problematic as bugs are inevitably found and improvements need to be made.

In a post entered on the VideoLan forums, VLC writes that they are looking for “eager and capable Mac OS X developers to join the VLC team.”  If no one steps up to the plate, development will come to a halt, and according to one poster on the forum, it already has.

There are now effectively zero active developers for MacOS.

As an immediate consequence, the 64-bits releases for MacOS has already been put on hold.
I don’t need to mention the stale status of the MacOS user interface. If it goes on like this, MacOS support may be discontinued as of VLC 1.1.0. There is nobody to make the necessary updates to the MacOS support code, for instance to support the new VLC video output architecture.

Taking into account the learning curve to VLC development, I think it is fair to say that the situation is now critical.

You can find out more about donating either your time or money to the open source project over here.



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