It’s official: Psystar is dust in the wind

Fri, Dec 18, 2009


Yesterday we noticed that Psystar’s website was down, and now comes word that it’ll be down for good.  In light of Judge Alsup’s recent ruling which extended Apple’s request for a permanent injunction to include Snow Leopard and Rebel EFI, Psystar has decided to cut its losses and close up shop.

Psystar attorney Eugene Action told the WSJ earlier today that Psystar will soon fire its 8 employees and that Psystar President Rudy Pedraza will soon be “shutting things down immediately.”  So much for raging against the machine in perpetuity.  

And so this kooky legal saga that lasted for 17 months has finally come to an end.  And dare we toot our own horn, but we think our in-depth legal coverage of the Psystar/Apple case was second to none, and often times, coverage motions and issues that were otherwise ignored by the web at large.

Alas, Psystar has gone the way of Pineapple.


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