Perfect Christmas gifts for the Mac design nerd in all of us

Sun, Dec 20, 2009


With Christmas just a few days away, we stumbled upon some interesting and quirky gift ideas for the design loving Mac nerd in your life.

Below, check out some Mac GUI magnets that work just as well for prototyping as they do for sticking papers up on the fridge.  One set of 41 magnets will cost you 19.99 Euros (about $29), but shipping to the US brings the total up to $43.

And here we have a pretty clever idea in the form of iPhone notepads, which work great to help flesh out any iPhone app ideas that might be tumbling around in that brain of yours.  You can pick up a pack of 3 “notepods” (each pack has 100 notes) for $17.95 over here.

via Johnny Holland


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