Judge dismisses class action lawsuit over faulty iMac screens

Tue, Dec 22, 2009

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A federal judge recently dismissed a class-action lawsuit which sought damages from Apple for allegedly not disclosing manufacturing defects pertaining to G5 iMac screens to customers.  The lawsuit specifically stated that vertical lines would often appear on iMac screens after the warranty had expired, leaving many consumers without adequate recourse.  The lawsuit stated that Apple was well aware of the problem yet chose to remain silent even though they knew a good number of screens would malfunction.

In the end, though, the Judge deemed the suit to be overly broad and dismissed it because the plaintiff attempted to include in the class everyone who had purchased an iMac in the U.S.  Naturally, this attempt to define the class necessarily includes a massive number of iMac users who never experienced the screen problems described in the lawsuit.

And on a somewhat related note, you may have heard that Apple’s new 27-inch iMacs have been experiencing some screen problems of their own, and to that end, Apple recently released a firmware update meant to “address issues that may cause image corruption or display flickering.”



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