Rumor: Apple to announce 7-inch tablet in January

Wed, Dec 23, 2009

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Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster wrote a note to investors earlier today saying that he expects Apple to ship a tablet device by the end of March, while noting that there’s a 50/50 chance Apple will unveil the device in January.  This echoes a similar report from the Financial Times which labeled the tablet launch as “imminent”, while also pegging a product introduction to take place sometime in January.

And in keeping the tablet rumor train rolling, the Boy Genius Report, citing a “very connected source” with impressively accurate track record, reported earlier today that there is a 100% chance Apple will announce a 7-inch tablet in January.  Most reports, though, have hinted at a 10-inch tablet, and while it’s possible Apple may release both models concurrently, such a move wouldn’t be typical of an Apple product release.  Apple usually doesn’t offer varying models of a product until the first iteration is a bonafide hit.

There have also been a number of reports this week claiming  that Apple has been in serious talks with TV networks in attempt to acquire content for a planned TV subscription service via iTunes. Reports indicate that Apple will charge $30/month for the service, and in an effort to attract content providers who are understandably wary of striking a deal with Apple, Apple has reportedly offered to pay content providers a much higher rate per subscriber (up to $4 for cable programs) than what the cable companies typically offer.



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