First the iSlate domain, and now the iSlate trademark leads back to Apple

Fri, Dec 25, 2009


Just hours after discovering that Apple purchased the iSlate domain comes a report from MacRumors which cements earlier speculation about Apple owning the iSlate trademark. ¬†TechCrunch first noted early this morning that Apple appears to have set up a dummy corporation called Slate Computing LLC to purchase the iSlate trademark. And now it appears that the signatory on a slew of iSlate trademark applications is one Regina Porter, which just happens to be the name of Apple’s senior trademark specialist, according to her public profile on Linkedln.

So yeah, it’s becoming abundantly clear that if Apple actually does announce a tablet device on January 26th, it’s going to go by the iSlate moniker. ¬†Fsklog also points out that Slate Computing also registered the ‘Magic Slate’ trademark. Let the rampant speculation and rumor mongering begin.


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