Discounted Season Pass and free episodes of LOST available on iTunes for limited time only

Sun, Dec 27, 2009


The 6th and final season of LOST is set to premiere on February 2nd and promises to answer all the lingering questions about the island, time travel, and that funky ending involving Ben Linus and a fake John Locke. The producers of the show have said that the upcoming season will address every issue ever brought up (i.e what’s the significance of those numbers?) and will leave every fan more than satisfied.

To drum up excitement for the upcoming season, there are a number of good deals on iTunes if you happen to be a LOST fan. For a limited time only, you can download, for free, the original 2-part LOST pilot – and as a point of trivia, the LOST pilot was the most expensive pilot ever shot. Also available as free downloads are the always engaging season recaps that provide a great way to catch up on any little things you may have missed during the course of a season. Up now, and we’re not sure how long they’ll be free, is the Season 1 recap, the Seasons 1-2 recap, the Seasons 1-3 Recap, the Seasons 1-4 recap, and the Seasons 1-5 recap.

And finally, you can also pick up a discounted season pass for the upcoming 6th season for only only $39.99. Normally, a season pass might cost anywhere up to $49.99, so if you get your LOST fix via iTunes, you might wanna hop on this as soon as possible.



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