Winner of Psystar video contest now despises Psystar – Oh cruel irony

Mon, Dec 28, 2009


Back when Psystar was actually in business, they ran a contest to create a Psystar commercial whereby the winning entry would receive an Psystar Open Computer on the house. The winning entry, shot by Version1Films, was titled “800 Beers” and can be seen below. ┬áComically, though, the creator of the video now despises Psystar after dealing with a faulty machine and an even worse experience with their customer service.

Nothing spells customer support quite like packing up a computer and sending it to Florida. Truth be told, If you do a simple google, or even Twitter, search for Psystar, you’ll see many people with similar stories of regret after purchasing a Psystar computer. Which, you know, is kind of surprising given that they only sold 768 machines to begin wtih.

via Cabel Sasser



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  1. jbelkin Says:

    That is why a clone mac is a STUPID idea. A Mac costs a few hundred dollars more than if you could buy the cheapest, crappiest components to build one yourself – why not get one with an OS, the proper software AND in store FREE support all over the world. And if something breaks, you don’t have to guess if it’s the cheap power supply or the cheap cabling … duh … a PC, sure, since it includes Windows, that is only worth using if you get it with the cheapest functioning hardware.

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