Apple COO Tim Cook rewarded handsomely in 2009

Tue, Dec 29, 2009


When Steve Jobs took a 6-month leave of absence from Apple in 2009, he placed control of the company in the trusty hands of COO Tim Cook who assumed the role of acting CEO. While in charge, Cook maintained a steady course for the mothership as Apple continued to deliver impressive new products while also banking record setting earnings. There’s no doubt that Jobs, and Apple’s board of directors at large, consider Cook to be an integral part of Apple’s resurgence and continued dominance in the tech industry, and it should therefore come as no surprise that Cook’s 2009 compensation from Apple reflects that. Steve Jobs himself even stated in a 2008 SEC deposition that he considered Cook to be one of Apple’s most valuable employees.

In Apple’s most recent filing with the SEC, it noted that Cook received a $12.3 million stock award in 2009 to go along with his $800,000 salary and a cash bonus of $800,000. When the dust settled, Cook took home a cool $13.9 million in 2009.

Jobs, meanwhile, took home a paltry dollar, but I’m sure he rests easy with well over 5 million shares of Apple stock to his name.


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