Gameloft apps averaging over 1 million downloads a month

Mon, Jan 11, 2010


In early September, Gameloft announced that its line of iPhone apps, which include top selling titles such as Gangstar: West Coast hustle, Assassin’s Creed, Avatar, NOVA, and NFL 2010, had topped 6 million downloads in just over 12 months – amounting to about 500,000 downloads a month.

Since then, Gameloft has been on a tear, having just announced that their catalog of iPhone apps have now netted over 10 million downloads. So over the past 4 months, Gameloft titles have been downloaded at an astounding rate of 1 million apps a month, a fact which is undoubtedly a result of Gameloft’s ever-increasing library of apps, which now total out at 55 titles. And oh yeah, did we mention that those 10 million downloads are for paid titles? That by itself sounds pretty lucrative, but is made all the more impressive when you consider that Gameloft apps tend to be priced a tad higher than the app store average. UNO, for instance, is priced at $4.99 while Avatar is priced at $6.99.

Speaking on the matter, Gameloft chairman and CEO Michel Guillemot remarked, “We have┬áhad a remarkable year on the App Store. Our success is defined not only by great production values, but a vested interest in bringing to market games that are commercially friendly and appeal to a mass consumer base. Taking into account that the App Store is only 18 months old, 10 million paid downloads is an achievement we are quite proud of.”


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  1. Constable Odo Says:

    Too bad for all the developers that left the Apple platform because they didn’t like Apple’s vetting system. I’ll betting they’re doing just peachy-keen writing Android apps. They can do anything they want, write any type of games they want and nobody gives a darn. I wonder if they’re making any money.

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