iPad promo materials show Safari running flash

Fri, Jan 29, 2010


Sometimes aesthetic considerations supercede reality when it comes to advertising. To wit, check out some promotional shots of the iPad below – the New York Times pages it displays all have flash elements to them, yet if you recall Steve Jobs’ demo, a missing plugin icon appeared on the iPad when Jobs was browsing the Times site on stage.

Below, the “31 places to go in 2010” article is actualy a flash-based slideshow.

via 9to5Mac, which hasĀ a lot more screenshots as well


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  1. Chanson de Roland Says:

    It may be that was Apple’s demo is really showing is that the New York Times is abandoning Flash, as well it should, for HTML5 or at least that the online versions of the New York Times in the demo used HTML5.

  2. Anonymous Says:


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