Guess how much Gameloft made on the iTunes App Store last year?

Mon, Feb 15, 2010


A few weeks ago, Gameloft released its financial results for 2009 and made a point of highlighting all of its revenue derived from the iTunes App Store. When the dust settled, Gameloft netted about $25 million in revenue from app sales to iPhone and iPod Touch users, and in the fourth quarter of 2009 alone, Gameloft recorded iPhone related revenue of $9.75 million.

Gameloft has been at the vanguard of gaming on the iPhone platform over the past few months, and a few weeks ago we reported that it’s titles were averaging over 1 million downloads a month.

Looking forward, Gameloft is also looking to cash on the soon to be released iPad, a device which Gameloft CEO Michel Guillemot believes will herald in a much richer and interactive gaming experience for users.

via TechCrunch


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