Mobile advertisers and big name Publishers look to take advantage of the iPad

Wed, Mar 24, 2010


Mobile advertisers are gearing up to roll out new mobile ads specifically tailored for the upcoming iPad, and a number of big time websites, like USA Today, are already on board.

The website ClickZ is reporting that the mobile ad firm AdMarvel has teamed up with Gannet publishing to introduce new and engaging ads poised to run across a number of Gannet properties. Gannet, of course, is the publishing powerhouse behind media properties such as the USA Today, The Arizona Republic, and The Detroit Free Press.

Publishers are naturally excited about the iPad because its large screen size affords advertisers a lot more room to get creative in implementing eye-catching and interactive mobile ads. Tempering that enthusiasm, though, is the obvious fact that the iPad won’t support Flash, a common format for web-based advertising. Still, the allure of the iPad appears to outweigh any concerns about the lack of Flash support. Max Mead who works for the Gannett owned media ad firm PointRoll notes that they’re already planning to roll out ads from a number of well-known entities, including an automaker, a large retailer, and a “pretty large hotel chain.”

“You could very easily run pretty much the same ad as you do on the iPhone on the iPad,” Mead explained, “but that would not really be fully leveraging the potential…You have an opportunity on the iPad to do a lot more.”

In many ways, the success of the iPhone is what really ushered in a new era of mobile advertising, and has thus far generated enough money to warrant Apple getting into the game and purchasing the mobile ad firm Quattro Wireless for $275 million.

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