Apple rolls out new iPhone 3GS commercial – “Commute”

Thu, Apr 1, 2010


Apple’s latest iPhone commercial is called “Commute” and highlights the device’s ability to multitask while on a voice call.

The showcased apps include:

MassTransit ($3.99)
Here, File File! ($9.99)
WSJ – The Wall Street Journal (Free)


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  1. Will G Says:

    I noticed the e-Secure app in the beginning of the ad. I guess the ad’s theme didn’t fit with e-Secure, but I can assure you this is a great app. I must admit, I have a Windows phone, but Protection One/e-Secure has a similar app for Windows (and most phones) too. I personally use e-Secure to know if/when my kids arrived back from school. E-Secure tells me when someone disarmed/rearmed the system.

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