Google/AdMob deal may be saved by Apple’s iAd platform

Wed, May 12, 2010


The New York Times is reporting the FTC’s investigation into Google’s acquisition of AdMob has been extended for two weeks so that the agency can more accurately gauge the effect of Apple’s purchase of the mobile ad firm Quattro along with the upcoming rollout of Apple’s iAd platform.

According to several people briefed on the investigation, the F.T.C. has been leaning toward opposing the deal, reasoning that it would substantially diminish competition in the nascent market for advertising on mobile phones.

But the F.T.C. also must evaluate whether a strong second player in the market — Apple — would significantly change the competitive landscape and make it easier, or more difficult, for smaller players to gain entry. Google executives have pointed to Apple’s entry into the mobile ad market as a sign that the business is competitive.


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