Apple refutes claim that FCP will lose its “Pro” focus

Wed, May 19, 2010


A recent report from AppleInsider claimed that Apple was planning to tweak Final Cut Pro in order to make its suite of post production video apps more attractive to Apple’s ever-growing consumer base – all at the expense of the high-end creative folks who use FCP professionally.

Apple has since come out and refuted that claim. Speaking to CNET, Apple spokesman Bill Evans responded:

Final Cut Pro is the first choice for professional video editors, and we’ve never been more excited about its future. The next version of Final Cut is going to be awesome, and our pro customers are going to love it.

About a month ago, Steve Jobs answered a user email about Apple’s perceived disinterest in FCP, writing that the upcoming release of Final Cut Pro “will be awesome.”

So there ya’ll have it, straight from the horses’s mouth.

Lastly, Jim Darlymple of CNET astutely points out that with iMovie and Final Cut Express in the mix, there’s no reason why Apple’s Final Cut team would need to sacrafice any high-end features to make the software more appealing to mainstream users.


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