30 second ad spot on LOST finale costs $900,000

Sun, May 23, 2010


D-Day. The LOST finale is upon us and ABC is looking to cash in big time. A 30-second ad spot during the 2 hour series finale will reportedly cost advertisers anywhere up to $950,000, a 400% markup from last year’s season finale of the hit show.

Now is this Apple related? No, but this is a cultural event, people. And besides, Scott Forstall, Apple’s Senior VP of iPhone software, did mention Oceanic Flight 815 during a special iPhone OS event last March while showing off Apple’s new cut, copy, and paste feature.

Incidentally, Apple seems to have some sway with the folks over at ABC when it comes to advertising, no doubt due to the fact that Steve Jobs is the largest single individual shareholder of Disney, which, surprise surprise, owns ABC. Case in point – ┬áthe iPad-centric episode of Modern Family that aired prior to the iPad launch back in April.

That said, perhaps Apple will use the rousing series finale of LOST to showcase a new iPad or iPhone commercial. Or maybe Hurley will find an iPhone washed up on shore and call for help. Or maybe Sawyer and Kate will take saucy videos of each other with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 4G. The possibilities are endless.

Either way, the world will be watching.

via Ad Age



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