Carrie Bradshaw trades in her Mac for a PC in upcoming Sex and the City 2

Tue, May 25, 2010


When it comes to product placement, Apple is unbelievably savvy. Apple products not only tend to pop up in many of the most popular TV shows and movies, but it’s not unheard of to have entire plots revolve around a popular Apple product. For example, the US version of The Office once had an episode where an iPod served as a key plot point, and you certainly can’t forget the product placement tour de force for the iPad that invaded ABC’s hit show Modern Family earlier this year.

One of the more popular Apple-centric shows in recent memory was the now defunct HBO hit Sex and the City, where an Apple product would often make cameos in each and every episode. Week after week, Carrie Bradshaw would take to her Apple laptop (which was periodically upgraded to newer models as the show went on) and bang out her latest missive on relationships between the sexes.

But as things tend to go with Ms. Bradshaw, her relationship with Apple is now a thing of the past. Hewlett Packard recently announced a new partnership with Warner Brothers Pictures that will see HP replace Apple as Carrie’s laptop of choice in Sex and the City 2. Yep, they’re making a new one.


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  1. Mark Says:

    Actually, in most, if not all cases, Apple didn’t have a deal with media companies for product placement. Usually, it was a bunch of zealous Apple users working on the set or doing media printing that wanted to show how much they enjoy using Apple products. A PC must be a sad computer if its company has to pay or make deals in order to coerce a media company for product placement.

  2. denyar2 Says:

    Only legitimizes my reason for not watching the show. Bunch of dumb bitches, migrating from a Mac to a Windows or even better Palm OS notebook, is just the cherry on top for this movie about the future hosts of “The View”.

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