“Gmailto:” Safari extension is a godsend for browser-based Gmail users

Mon, Jun 14, 2010


Just two days after Apple released Safari 5, we covered 10 of more intriguing extensions available for Apple’s updated web browser. Since then, developers have been busy putting together even more interesting extensions bound to make the browsing experience that much more pleasurable.

One that immediately caught our eye is Gmailto:, an extension, courtesy of Patrick Gibson, that addresses a browsing complaint we’ve had for nearly a decade.

The app description reads:

“Are you a browser-based Gmail user? Ever find it annoying when a web page uses mailto: links that open your default e-mail program?

Well, fret no longer! The Gmailto: Safari 5 extension converts all mailto: links to open a new window with a Gmail compose page ready for you.”


You can download Gmailto: over here.


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