US Apple Store now officially out of pre-order iPhones

Wed, Jun 16, 2010


Wow. First AT&T ran out of their allotment of pre-order iPhones, then the UK Apple Store followed suit, and now the US Apple Store is also barren when it comes to the iPhone 4. Visitors on Apple’s US online store looking to pre-order Apple’s latest iPhone are now being told that devices will ship by July 2 with an expected delivery date of July 6th to July 8.

Remember, this “sell out” only refers to online pre-orders, and users looking to pick up an iPhone 4 on launch day may still have some luck visiting their local Apple retail store and seeing if they can pick up a new device on a first come first serve basis. Also, keep Walmart, Radio Shack, and Best Buy on your radar if Apple and AT&T retail stores run out of stock, which by the looks of things, they inevitably will.


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  1. - Says:

    aren’t they overdoing this “walmart stampede” marketing strategy/tactic? 😉

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