Apple asks devs to submit Safari Extensions for official online gallery

Thu, Jun 17, 2010


Developers have wasted no time churning out a ton of useful and intuitive Safari extensions, and now Apple is accepting submissions for an upcoming Safari Extensions gallery to be showcased on Apple’s website.

Just hop on over to Apple’s dev page, enter in your dev credentials, fill in a form, provide a 100×100 icon along with a screenshot, and enter a category and product description.

MacStories was able to get an excerpt of the developer agreement, which reads in part:

The extensions you submit will be considered for inclusion in Apple’s Safari web pages, Apple’s developer web pages, and other related Apple promotional and marketing web pages and programs (collectively, “Safari Gallery Programs”). You understand and agree that Apple has complete discretion over whether to include your extensions in any Safari Gallery Programs. You also understand and agree that Apple reserves the right, at its complete discretion and without prior notice to you, to remove your extensions from any and/or all Safari Gallery Programs, or to modify or move your extensions within the Safari Gallery Programs (e.g., to modify categories of extensions).


You understand and agree that you, and not Apple, are responsible for hosting and distribution of your extension. You agree that with each extension you submit, you will include a working link to your servers where such extension can be accessed.

Apple’s Safari Extensions Gallery will hopefully be up sometime soon, but in the meantime, check out this handy and extensive list of Safari Extensions currently available for download and installation. There are new ones being added every day.



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