iPhone 4 ad in Tokyo subway is brilliant [Photo]

Thu, Jun 17, 2010


Apple is well-known for their marketing, but you don’t usually see Apple get this creative. Below is an ad for the iPhone 4 found in a Tokyo Subway.

Update: Word is that it’s a fake. Blast!

via Notcot


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  1. MathWizard Says:

    This looks fake.

  2. Ryan Says:

    99% sure that this is fake as I saw this photo without the display a couple days ago pointing out that they looked like iPhones. Either that, or Apple is REALLY fast to jump on that.

  3. Philippp Says:

    If it’s real, it’s covering the card reader, and the flaps that can close the gate (seen on the gate to the right).

    Nice pshop though 😉

  4. ZhenyaK Says:

    Did no one notice that the power button is on the wrong side of the phone? Definitely fake……

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