New iPhone 4 ads from Apple focus on Facetime and deliver an emotional bang

Mon, Jul 12, 2010


Apple’s recently rolled out four brand spankin’ new iPhone commercials, and whereas previous iPhone ads focused on apps, these focus exclusively on Apple’s new Facetime feature. Per usual, Apple new line of commercials don’t merely tell you what Facetime is, they show you how you would use it and why you would want to.

Each of the ads below attempt and succeed at striking an emotional note with the viewer. Incidentally, MG Siegler of Techcrunch recently wrote a nice piece comparing Apple’s ads to Don Draper’s Kodak presentation in the Television show Mad Men, arguably one of the show’s most memorable scenes. Much like how Draper described Kodak’s carousel, it’s not necessarily what a product does as it is about how the product makes you feel, how it connects you to others, and how the most sought after pieces of technology are often unobtrusive and ultimately help people form bonds and strengthen relationships.¬†Whether Facetime will become a huge selling point for the iPhone remains to be seen, but Apple’s efforts with these ads are top notch.

In the first ad, aptly titled Smile, a daughter is endearingly reluctant to show off her new braces to her dad.

The second ad is called Big News and shows a woman informing her husband that she’s pregnant and that he’s going to be a dad.

Next up we have Meet Her where a newly minted dad asks his own father what it’s like to be a grandfather.

Finally there’s Haircut, the least emotionally potent of the bunch, but still a realistic and touching commercial featuring a girlfriend showing off her new short hairdo to her boyfriend.


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  1. Juan Says:

    These are ads for the iPhone 4 but I don’t believe they are Apple produced.

    Note the last logo that appears — AT&T (yes the Apple logo appears before the AT&T)

    Apple ads do not have the AT&T logo in them.

    These ads I believe are produced by AT&T (although they are included on Apple’s webpage with – what I believe is the only Apple produced ad)

    (perhaps Apple feels it needs to advertise for AT&T???)

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