Motorola fires back at Apple with new Droid ad – “No Jacket Required”

Wed, Jul 28, 2010


Apple recently updated its antenna page on its site to include video footage of the Droid X experiencing signal attenuation when gripped in a certain manner. Firing back, Motorola recently published an ad with the tagline “No Jacket Required” – an obvious jab at the iPhone 4 and the free bumpers is supplying to owners.

Pretty good. Maybe they can cross-promote it with Blink 182, they of the “Take off your Pants and Jacket” fame.

via MobileCrunch



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  1. skips Says:

    I have to wonder if this statement “No jacket required.” could not be construed as false advertising. It seems to me that the correct statement is “Jacket included.” as the last time I checked only the iPhone 4 had an external antenna.

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