Apple acquires interesting geolocation patent for targeted ads

Fri, Aug 20, 2010


Patently Apple reports:

Apple is taking Target Marketing seriously – very seriously. In fact we learned just yesterday that Apple has recently acquired a new powerful geo-location patent that packs quite the punch. It’s focused on delivering informative content proactively rather than reactively in response to a person’s manual query to a service or human. Beyond delivering advanced marketing retail services, the patent provides us with a series of other feasible life-based scenarios. For instance, the new service could give home users the ability to announce a Garage Sale that they’re having to anyone in a given vicinity or send emergency live Amber Alerts to your iPhone along with photos of the missing child in question. Advanced geolocation services could go far beyond just commerce.

For example, in an RDPS ready iPhone, advertising could automatically be delivered to users when they’re in a specific locations or heading to a specific location. The content could be delivered to a user’s vehicle as well. For example, as a driver or pedestrian approaches a retail store with a mobile RDPS ready iPhone, a configured advertisement of a special deal at a particular retail store could be proactively delivered (i.e. pushed) to the user automatically on behalf of the store. In some stores, your iPhone will be able to be mounted unto specialty shopping carts that are set up to receive ads for merchandize throughout the store as you push your cart around.



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