Microsoft launches teaser ad for upcoming Windows Phone 7 media campaign

Thu, Sep 9, 2010


What is that mysterious black blog inching closer to the screen? Is it a mystical arabian prince? The smoke monster from LOST? No, it’s Windows Phone 7!

With the launch of Windows Phone 7 not too far off, Microsoft’s upcoming ad campaign for what may very well be their last real chance at creating a ding in the smartphone market is already underway. Below is a one minute teaser ad which was recently posted on the official Windows Phone UK YouTube channel.

There’s no doubt that Microsoft’s efforts with Windows Phone 7 will be an uphill battle, and Microsoft, in typical fashion, is prepared to throw an inordinate amount of money behind an accompanying ad campaign. Not too long ago, we reported that Microsoft will probably spend nearly half a billion dollars in advertising efforts which will include traditional TV and print ads, along with financial incentives to convince developers to code for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Some have even speculated that Microsoft is prepared to spend over $1 billion in advertising campaigns over the next few months.

With no Windows monopoly to use as leverage, Microsoft better hope that Windows Phone 7 delivers from a product perspective. Advertising dollars are important, but in today’s competitive smartphone market where many individuals have already taken up strong allegiances, enticing and sexy ad campaigns will only get you so far.


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