New Kindle Ad takes shot at the iPad [Video]

Mon, Sep 13, 2010


Check out this great ad from Amazon touting the Kindle over the iPad and its ever so annoying reflective screen. The lady in the bikini ain’t half bad either. Job well done, Amazon.. and central casting.


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  1. Steve M Says:

    Yes, screen glare is an issue on iPads, but I think they turned the brightness of the screen down as far as possible to make the effect more extreme. My iPad is 10 times brighter than that.

  2. Grimm Says:

    Well sure, that’s a great price when all you want is an eBook reader. I can’t imagine anyone buying an iPad to just read books.

  3. AndrewK Says:

    But, you can imagine people buying an iPad believing they have an eBook reader with an additional set of peripherals. Amazon is saying that there is much more to an eBook reader than storing eBooks and displaying text on a screen. Notice she is also holding the Kindle like a book.

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