Shooting an iPad with a shotgun [Video]

Mon, Oct 4, 2010


Whenever a new Apple product hits the market, the web is flooded with videos of people destroying said product. It’s a weird dynamic, to be sure, and it’s hard to tell what’s more ridiculous – that people will spend hundreds of dollars on a shiny new device only to smash it to smithereens a few hours later, or that people will actually sit down and watch such nonsense.

But dare we say that this video is a bit different. Sure, anyone can take a baseball bat to an iPad, and it of course doesn’t take much creativity to bash an iPad in with a hammer – but blasting one with a shotgun? Okay, now you’re talkin’, and we’re all in.



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  1. anon Says:


    I wonder how much that iPad would of changed the live of some poor young geek with parents who can’t afford it. hey poor kid, it’s almost like they shot your hopes and dreams.

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