Google acquires BlindType, text input software company

Tue, Oct 5, 2010


Google recently acquired BlindType, a text input company whose software purports to help users type easier and faster. Promising an experience not possible with auto-correct software, BlindType “adjusts” to a user’s typing style and helps translate sloppy typing that would otherwise show up as mumbo jumbo on a user’s device. Moreover, BlindType enables users to type anywhere on a device’s screen while also including gesture-to-text support.

With BlindType, users can type on the touch screen the way they are used to, but without the traditional need to constantly focus on the keyboard. Although this would typically lead to countless spelling mistakes that would be impossible to autocorrect, BlindType predicts what the user intended to write with a success rate not previously seen on any other system.

Google acquired BlindType for an undisclosed sum, and Eweek speculates that the purchase was made not only to improve Android’s relatively lackluster virtual keyboard, but to also keep the technology out of Apple’s hands. Remember, Google reportedly became suddenly interested in AdMob once it learned that Apple was interesting in acquiring the mobile ad company.

Apple, of course, already employs predictive text for the iPhone and iPad keyboard, but BlindType appears to take things to an entirely new and cool level. Note, however, that the video above is merely a demo and that BlindType’s software has thus far never been available for download on any mobile device. BlindType’s website noted that an app was coming soon for both the iPhone and Android devices, and with Google’s recent acquisition, we’ll have to wait and see when the technology finally gets rolled out to the masses.



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