Installing apps on Apple TV is possible; Launcher still needed

Tue, Oct 5, 2010


Well not too long after the Apple TV was hacked comes word that installing apps on the device ain’t no big thang. Gizmodo reports that while iPhone developer Steven Troughton-Smith has found a way to install apps, launching them is another matter.

According to Steven, while you can install apps after modifying its type, you just can’t launch them. There’s no built-in facility to do that, so someone has to do it. I bet the first ones will be the jailbreakers (hello, SNES and PlayStation 2 emulators!), but Apple will follow soon.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has previously stated that Apple might launch an app store for the Apple TV when the time is right. Meanwhile, Google TV is scheduled to launch later this month with built-in support for apps like Twitter and Pandora. Below is a Google produced video touting apps on its upcoming Google TV platform.



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