Apple TVs selling at a clip of 1 million units per quarter – Report

Wed, Oct 6, 2010


The Apple TV is selling out in Apple Stores across the nation? Surely you jest. But that’s the word from JMP Research analyst Alex Gauna who writes that the Apple TV, after a few false starts, is on pace to sell at a rate of 1 million units this quarter. Apparently the device’s new $99 pricepoint is just what Apple needed to get people interested in the device again, and perhaps transform it into something a little bit more serious than a hobby.

The new Apple TV product has continued to sell out in Apple stores across the nation after its launch last week.”

We were not particularly surprised when we couldn’t get our hands on the Apple TV over this past introductory weekend in San Francisco, but when the scarcity persisted into this week it got us to checking and we subsequently learned that stores across the nation were selling out of their inventory on the same day as receipt in Boston, Chicago, New York and Washington D.C., and online representatives corroborated this strength extends beyond our 20+ store checks.

Interesting, sure, but without any information as to how many Apple TVs were initially stocked in Apple’s retail stores, it’s hard to gauge how successful the launch truly is this early in the game.

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