Browser share of Internet Explorer drops below 50%

Wed, Oct 6, 2010


NetworkWorld reports:

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which has dominated the Web browser market since blowing by Netscape in the late 1990s, last month fell below the 50% market share level for the first time in years.

IE’s share of the worldwide market fell to 49.87% in September, down from 51.3% in August and 58.4% a year ago. It is followed by Firefox, which increased its share slightly from 30.09% to 31.5% and Google Chrome, which grabbed 11.54% share, more than triple its September 2009 share, according to market watcher StatCounter.

The funny thing is that Microsoft worked their asses off to make IE, for a time being, the browser of choice for nearly everybody. That came back to bite them in the ass given the sheer number of companies that still employ IE 6 as their default web browser, generating a lot of frustration and ill-will in the process.

IE 9 may be the best browser in the world for all we know, but with so many people forced to use IE 6 at work, they’re not likely to give IE 9 a fair shake at home.



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