Steve Jobs helps Arnold Schwarzenegger sign new organ transplant legislation into law

Wed, Oct 6, 2010


Imagine the year is 1996. You bet someone that in 14 years time, Steve Jobs will be the CEO of Apple and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the Governor of California. Not only that, but you also predict that the two will join forces to help sign into legislation the United States’ first nationwide kidney donor registry.

Sound crazy? Sure, at the time. But that’s exactly what happened yesterday afternoon in California.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Jobs stated:

As a transplant recipient, I know how precious this gift of life. And on behalf of those future transplant recipients who will now receive organs because of this new law, I want to thank governor Schwarzenegger, Senator Elaine Alquist and all of the legislators who voted for this law. Thank you all very much.

Schwarzenegger explained that the new registry will make it easier for hospitals to match up donors with those in need of a kidney, while also working to increase the number of organ donors listed in the state’s database. We’re not entirely sure of the precise language in the new law, but earlier in the year we reported that part of the proposed bill included a provision wherein individuals applying for a drivers license would have to indicate whether or not they’d like to be an organ donor, and if they answered in the affirmative, their names would be added to the state registry.

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