Anyone else unimpressed with Windows Phone 7?

Sun, Oct 10, 2010


There’s a lot of hype brewing for Windows Phone 7, but am I crazy in thinking that it isn’t all that impressive? Sure, it’s a huge leap forward compared to Microsoft’s previous offerings, and it may just help Redmond get back in the smartphone mix, but a true competitor to the iPhone and Android it is not.


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  1. Tom Says:

    WP7 appears to have a more developed ecosystem than Android OS, but nothing like iOS. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a lot of OEM’s jumping off the Android platform, right onto WP7, yet without much in the way of profits. Same ol’ same ol’….

  2. jason Says:

    When looking at WP7 I have a gagging feeling in my stomach. It looks terrible and confusing! In my opinion one thing would make the WP7 experience more fun and alive is upon start up Balmer dressed as a clown greets (just a red nose would be sufficient) new WP7 users and tells a few jokes, than maybe the parade dance number by Microsoft employes… that should brighten the user experience a little

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