Steve Jobs on why Apple is suing Meizu

Mon, Oct 11, 2010

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Apple recently turned up the heat on Meizu, a Chinese based company whose products sometimes take on more than a passing resemblance to the iPhone.

Electronista writes:

The specific points that led China’s Intellectual Property Office to halt M8 production and marketing still aren’t clear, but the device was originally conceived as a direct response to the 2007 iPhone and had its first mockup designs released just weeks after Macworld showing a design that was at least superficially reminiscent of Apple’s hardware. In final form, it resembled the iPhone 3G and was most likely one of the targets of the suit. Initial OS layer designs also borrowed very heavily from Apple, although the final UI for the late 2008 Windows Mobile release had only some similarities to the finished product.

When asked via email why Apple was finally taking action against Meizu, Apple CEO Steve Jobs responded in typical fashion with a single sentence. “Because they stole our ideas and intellectual property,” Jobs responded.


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