iPhone 5 hits EVT stage as CDMA iPhone 4 reaches “AP” testing stage

Tue, Oct 19, 2010

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Citing a solid source, the often reliable BoyGenius is reporting that iPhone model 3,2, otherwise known as the CDMA iPhone, just hit the “AP” testing stage. “This is the very last stage before retail release,” BGR notes, “final hardware, almost final software.”

Interestingly enough, BGR’s source tells them that the iPhone 3,2 device contains a SIM card slot. Some proffered explanations include

  • The iPhone 3,2 could be the mythical CDMA + GSM/HSPA device that would support Verizon, AT&T, and the other current worldwide iPhone 4 carriers frequencies. The mid-cycle refresh would bring an updated antenna design for the current iPhone 4 and bring CDMA-compatibility; essentially, Verizon Wireless subscribers would have the same device as AT&T subscribers.
  • The iPhone 3,2 could be a CDMA-capable iPhone that houses a SIM card for global roaming capabilities; though that certainly seems more complicated than just having one single glove that would fit both hands.
  • One last possibility that the iPhone model 3,2 would simply be a slightly different design that doesn’t suffer from the same antenna attenuation as the current model; though that would be a little disappointing.

Rounding out the rumor is a report that the next-gen iPhone 5 has hit the “EVT” stage, a.k.a the engineering verification test phase. This isn’t entirely new and was first reported by John Gruber in early August. EVT is one level below DVT, which is just one step before actual production.



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