And then Obama met with Steve Jobs…

Thu, Oct 21, 2010


What a crazy week for Apple news, and one topped off with a report from Bloomberg noting that President Barack Obama recently met with Apple CEO Steve Jobs to discuss all things education, energy, and economics.

“They discussed American competitiveness and education, especially reforms such as the president’s Race to the Top initiative,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said in a statement. “They then talked about energy independence and ways to increase job creation.”

Earlier today, Gibbs told reporters that the talk with Jobs was “a meeting the president was interested in having.” Obama was “eager to talk to him about the economy, innovation and technology, education,” Gibbs said.

The ever so liberal Jobs is no stranger to taking up political causes and candidates, donating 50k to the DNC in 2000 and $26,700 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2006. And Obama, of course, is no stranger himself to Mac products.


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