As the iPod celebrates 9 year anniversary, Sony kills off the Cassette Walkman

Sun, Oct 24, 2010


Now I know what you’re thinking – Sony still makes a Cassette Walkman player? Well, apparently they do, or did, because Sony announced earlier this week that they’re ceasing all sales of their iconic Cassette Walkman player. Interestingly enough, Sony’s announcement came just one day before the iPod celebrated its 9 year anniversary on October 23.

Gizmodo writes:

The Sony Walkman was introduced on July 1, 1979 in Japan and it was a major breakthrough in delivering a low-cost portable stereo. It wasn’t an overnight hit though, it was largely panned by the media and only sold 3,000 units by the end of July. But Sony kept on pushing, targeting the Walkman toward the younger market and advertising it with younger pop stars. By the end of August, sales increased 10-fold and later in the early 80’s it became the must-have item for everyone. Over its 30 year history of the Cassette Walkman, Sony sold 200 million units. A portable music player became a part of our lives, largely because of the Walkman.

And here’s Jobs introducing the iPod to the world 9 years ago.

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