Apple to offer iLife and iWork apps as standalone apps on the Mac App Store?

Mon, Oct 25, 2010


Apple’s newly erected page for the upcoming Mac App Store reveals that users, for the first time, will be able to buy apps from Apple’s suite of iLife and iWork software separately. As you can tell from the screenshot below (if you look extremely closely), Apple is planning on selling standalone apps from iLife, such as iPhoto and GarageBand, for $14.99. Meanwhile, it appears that Apple is planning to sell standalone apps from its iWork suite of software for $19.99 a piece.

Altogether, buying iLife ’11 (iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand) costs $49 while iWork (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) retails for $79. Buying each app individually however would cost users $45 with respect to iLife and $59.97 for iWork. This seems to be a bit of curious pricing and we’ll have to wait and see if Apple adjusts the asking price accordingly.


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  1. hughmass Says:

    And what if they make all of Final Cut Studio available the same way. One could get Final Cut Pro, but not have to pay for the other parts.


  2. iUltimate Says:

    I think its worth noting that some applications of iLife suite are noticeably absent, such as iWeb and iDVD. So if those factor in at the same price as the others, it would come out costing more with them included than if you buy the box set including all of the applications together.

  3. Les Posen Says:

    Did anyone bother to think this was an advertising mockup? See if you can locate via google the other apps featured, roll em, and fast lane.

    And there are already ratings for apps on a site that doesn’t yet exist? Please!

  4. iUltimate Says:

    @Les Posen: I pretty much assumed that – for the same reasons you stated. Its pretty easy to tell by the generic naming that these are fake placeholders (3D Render, Home Watch, Fast Lane, etc). In response to the other questions raised, I felt it was worth noting the lack of other iLife apps (based on what was shown in the mockup).

    I think its safe to say that some things will definitely change a bit before the Mac App Store hits in the next couple months.

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