Oprah Magazine comes to the iPad

Mon, Nov 22, 2010


Rejoice Oprah fans! Umm, anyone out there? Well in that case, take heed everyone else. The Hearst corporation is bringing Oprah Magazine to the iPad. Now in case you haven’t seen Oprah’s Magazine before, it’s not hard to miss – I mean, every single issue has Oprah’s gorgeous mug gracing the cover. Naturally, subscription support is not yet available, but each single issue can be purchased for $4, which is┬ájust a smidge below what you’d pay on the street. Some nifty bonus features include exclusive video footage, an animated cover, online purchasing options for gifts and books, and excerpts from Oprah’s top 10 books of the year.

The approach to marketing is said to represent the big change over the print edition. There are only two third-party ads in the current iPad issue, including one from Lexus, and another from Disney, representing the company’s first in-app advertising. The ad spaces are described as “premium” in terms of cost. The magazine also allows entry into a sweepstakes, and includes an interactive holiday gift guide with options to buy mentioned products.

You can check it out here on iTunes if you’re so inclined.

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