RIM acquires TAT in efforts to improve Blackberry UI experience

Wed, Dec 8, 2010


After a number of failed, okay okay – lackluster, attempts to compete with the iPhone (Storm 1&2 anyone?), RIM is finally waking up and realizing that a capable email device is decidedly not enough to compete with the big boys. Sure, RIM still dominates the business market, but the iPhone is slowly but surely creeping in on RIM’s turf.

Part of RIM’s problem is that its software is just not up to snuff with what you find on the iPhone or even Android. Time and time again, and particularly evident on RIM’s touchscreen devices, the Canadian-based handset maker has displayed an impressive ability to deliver antiquated looking software with a mediocre UI experience.

To remedy what RIM undoubtedly realizes is a glaring deficiency in their software arsenal, the company announced late last week that they’ve acquired The Atonishing Tribe (TAT) team. Based out of Sweden, TAT is highly regarded for their mobile UI designs and will presumably be tasked with delivering a great user experience to a platform that sorely needs it.

We’ll see how the TAT team helps out RIM in the long run, but merely acquiring expertise is just the first step. Successfully integrating new engineers into a new corporate culture and developing easy to use software that complements top of the line hardware is a much taller task.

You can check out some of TAT’s designs and concepts over here.


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