Motorola hypes up upcoming tablet, criticizes iPad for being a “giant iPhone”

Tue, Dec 21, 2010


In an effort to hype up (and we use the word loosely) the CES 2011 unveiling of their upcoming Android tablet (rumored to run Android 3.0), Motorola released a video teaser chronicling the evolution of the tablet, comically going all the way back to the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Tablet. With each successive tablet, the video explains why each tablet eventually gave way to a successor. The GriDPad, for example, launched in 1989 but was crippled by a small 20 MB hard drive. By the time the video gets to the iPad, all the video can say is that “it’s like a giant iPhone.”

And that’s a bad thing? The masses have spoken with their pocketbooks and they think otherwise.

Besides, the idea that the iPad is merely a giant iPhone speaks to the power and versatility of Apple’s iOS. While the video chasties the Galaxy Tab for running a version of Android suited better for a smartphone, Apple’s iOS is robust enough to work just swimmingly on all sorts of devices.


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