Apple still not on board with Blu-Ray, Jobs likens BR association to Mafia

Tue, Jan 4, 2011


HardMac reports:

Last but not least, we obtained some reports about Steve’s thoughts on Blu-ray, following an internal meeting. Steve did not change his mind and still think that BD DRM are just inacceptable for mass and consumer market due to restrictions that make advantages look like non competitive. He admitted that retrospectively he feels ashamed that Apple’s name is associated to Blu-ray, as he thinks that BD supporting associations look today more like Mafia than anything else. Concerning authoring on Blu-ray, it seems impossible to provide software supporting such format for consumer market. In addition to DRM, here it is the cost of licenses that slow down the entire process; one would have to start paying 3,000 USD to AACS, then 80,000 USD to Sony, 40,000 USD to Sonic, etc. HE considers the Blu-ray as a “bag of hurt”.
To support Apple position, he reviewed the past year, where iTunes finally succeeded in offering DRM-free music, while not making Majors losing more money than before. Without DRM, Apple reached 10 billion download, and even managed to get the Beatles on iTS. HE thinks that the Blu-ray is the last physical media that will be used to distribute movies and videos, the next generation will entirely be through direct download from online stores or platforms.



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