Steve Jobs – Always looking for the “Next Big Thing”

Wed, Jan 5, 2011


As Apple’s marketcap continues to explode into the $300 billion range, it’s hard for some to fathom Apple being able to sustain the amount of growth they’ve had over the past few years. Recently, John Batelle predicted that Apple in 2011 will fall prey to the same problems that affected Microsoft in the mid 90s – “Getting too big, too full of themselves, and too focused on their own prior success.”

While Microsoft grew fat and lazy with the success derived from Windows and Microsoft Office, Apple doesn’t have that trait in their DNA. John Gruber nails it, writing:

But “too focused on their own prior success” pretty much sounds like the opposite of Steve Jobs. His greatest gift to the company, I suspect, is that his enthusiasm is always on the Next Big Thing, no matter how big the Last Big Thing was.


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