Video purports to show antenna redesign on the Verizon iPhone

Wed, Jan 5, 2011


A newly released video along with new photos purport to show an iPhone 4 casing with a brand new antenna design to account for the reception and signal attenuation issues that surrounded the Phone this Summer and ultimately led to Apple giving away free bumper cases to all iPhone 4 owners.

TUAW reports:

The case design is not radically different compared to the iPhone 4, which could mean that rather than being a next-gen model, it’s a slight “iPhone 4.5” redesign for the (supposedly) forthcoming Verizon model of iPhone 4. The case does have a cutout for a SIM card, however, which makes this a somewhat less likely proposition — unless this “iPhone 4.5” is intended to be a universal GSM/CDMA phone. Naturally, the part could also either be an earlier prototype design or an outright fake.

And as for the video, a number of them have been removed from YouTube due to copyright claims from Apple (hint hint). We were able to find a re-posting of the video which you can check out below. Get it while it’s hot!



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