The influence of Apple hardware design – CES 2011 style

Thu, Jan 6, 2011


Okay, we’re not breaking any news here when we say that Apple products tend to influence, both in hardware and software, entire product markets. Currently, CES is in full swing and the iPad clones are out in full force, but some glaring Apple inspired hardware we came across needs some special attention.

Below is the Samnsung RMC30D universal touch control TV remote. Look familiar? Why, it looks awfully similar to the iPhone 4, don’t ya think?

And what we have here is a failure to communicate. No, actually what you see below is the Samsung Galaxy Player, whose outer edges look eerily similar to the first iterations of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Set to launch in Korea this month, there’s still no word if this lil’ device will make its way east to North America anytime soon.



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