Verizon iPhone owners will be offered unlimited data plans

Mon, Jan 10, 2011


Diverging from AT&T’s relatively new tiered data plan, the WSJ reports that Verizon is planning to offer users the option of an unlimited data plan, a potentially risky proposition given how data intensive iPhone owners as a collective tend to be.

Verizon Wireless has been beefing up its network and believes it will have no problem handling iPhone-type loads, a claim that could be put to the test this year if the carrier signs up millions of subscribers using the Apple Inc. device.

Verizon Wireless, the country’s largest wireless carrier, is confident enough in its network that it will offer unlimited data-use plans when it starts selling the iPhone around the end of this month, a person familiar with the matter said. Such plans would provide a key means of distinguishing its service from rival AT&T Inc., which limits how much Internet data such as videos and photos its customers may use each month.



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